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The engineering firm VEKTIS is operating internationally and offers a broad range of services in the field of industrial measurement. We are specialized in automotive and aircraft industry, as well as mechanical and plant engineering.
We are conducting our metering services worldwide with the highest accuracy, and in a fast and flexible manner. Precision measurement is subject to high accuracy requirements and needs to show compatible and clear results. Our professional staff, selected metrology and a close cooperation with designers create a reliable basis for the project and the cooperation with our customers.

Our strong points

  • Reduction of installation and ramp-up times
  • Increase planning certainty
  • Implementation with the CAD data records from the construction
  • Close collaboration with designers and mechanical engineers in the projects
  • Implementation and monitoring of large-scale projects
  • Accompanying engineering activities
  • High level of flexibility, depending on capacity low response times depending on capacity of only 2 days within Western Europe (otherwise lead-times a week)
  • Compatibility of the measurement (Faroinsight) and evaluation software (metrolog) with most of the major companies (e.g. Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Airbus)