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In the automotive industry

  • Setting-out of hall-layouts (foundation slabs, robots, etc. )
  • Calibration of robots
  • Robots gripper measurement
  • Device measurement:
    • Documentation of the current state
    • Setting up and adjusting devices (e.g. welding and clamping devices)
    • Analysis of the current conditions respecting normal standards by means of Metrolog XG with CAD data set
    • Documentation

In the aircraft industry

  • Device measurement/ -adjustment (movement initialization of production facilities)
  • Measurement of airplane skin
  • Deformation measurements of components and production facilities
  • Construction site measurement

Machinery and plant model / FACILITIES

  • Construction of machines and installations
  • Measuring devices
  • Adjustment of rail systems
  • Creating modern measuring concepts and evaluation
  • Analysis of the facilities current state incl. documentation
  • Setting-out after previous analysis, relocation to-/ IS-comparing with latest info
  • Tailoring of existing plant components, integrating new components
  • Setting-out of hall-layouts